About Us

Our Mission at MPPDM, Inc.

MPPDM, Inc. is dedicated to serving the underprivileged of our community each and every day by helping in the following ways: providing educational resources, community prayer and blessing, provision of health services and nourishment for the community.

Our organization will also distribute food, clothing, and school supplies directly to those who are in need.

How We Operate

MPPDM, Inc. volunteers often travel to Haiti to help our missionary work. The Church is located in Gonaives as is headed by Pastor Onel Jean-Baptiste. We help their church members establish similar bible studies and community programs like the ones we have here in Florida. We help needy church members in Haiti with food, medicines and clothes.

We recognize that there are government sanctions against countries and individuals. We will be diligent in monitoring these sanctions and will ensure that we are in compliance with them. We will make sure that no monies or aid of any kind go to any individuals or groups that have sanctions placed upon them. We will be diligent in ensuring that our volunteers, employees, and anyone associated with our organization obey these sanctions and all OFAC Regulations. All volunteers and employees will be informed of these sanctions and taught what to do to avoid violating the sanctions. As best as we could, we will create safe and efficient channels to ensure that help reaches those who need it.

Bringing Help Beyond Geographical Borders

It is our primary intent to bring help to Haiti through the efforts of our volunteers and the financial backing of our sponsors.