Agriculture Program

The key goals of our development projects in Haiti are to increase farmer income, produce nutritionally enhanced food, and to improve the environment with commercial fruit trees. Practical agricultural training and hands-on technical assistance are essential means to achieve these goals. The three core development projects we develop to achieve these goals are improved seeds and high value tree crops.

Our program focuses on addressing the country’s and communities’ most urgent needs. MPPDM, Inc. will work with local farmers and farming groups. We will plant trees to reforest degraded hillsides and produce new crops.

In order to address immediate needs, MPPDM, Inc. is implementing a program to train farmers in sustainable agriculture practices. The farmers will receive agriculture tools and seeds, and will be able to produce significant amounts of food while planting more and more trees. Thus, the farmers will benefit from the first year with harvests of beans, corn, eggplants, melons and peppers, mango, papaya, avocado, orange, breadfruit, lime, pumelo, as well as trees for making charcoal and lumber (Pine, Haitian Oak).