Educational courses for both young and elderly

MPPDM, Inc. believes that apart from other gifts we can give to the people of Haiti, education is the most precious donation we can offer to them. Through your assistance, we can bring them relevant information they need to make a change in their country.

Providing both young and old with the chance to be educated can lead to a number of positive opportunities for them. They can create jobs and employ people from their community. Once a good deed is started, it will generate a series of domino effect that would be beneficial to the people of Haiti. Our goal is to build learning centers and spread to areas where our help is most needed.

There are a lot of objectives we want to bring to Haiti to help create development in this beautiful country. Your aid will be a big support to our cause. We want to reach and touch lives in the most effective and useful way we can. If you want to be a part of our mission, you can help us by donating, volunteering or becoming a sponsor.