Future Programs

Currently, our programs will be held in Naples, Florida and the surrounding areas. In the future, our organization will expand its services to other areas. Furthermore, we plan to add to our services in the future in order to further our organization’s purpose.

We will make the public aware of our organization through local media, our future website, word of mouth, and networking with community leaders and other nonprofit organizations. Our programs will specifically target minorities and low-income individuals who are in need of further education and social improvement.

The majority of the funding to operate our organization will come through public donations, fundraising, and grants. This funding will be used to rent rooms at community centers, and for marketing costs. In the future, our organization hopes to hire a staff to operate and organize its educational and social programs; however, at this time, the organization will be led by volunteers.

Your support is direly needed. We hope that you can be part of the efforts we are making. Be part of the MPPDM, Inc. advocacy.