Helping the elderly, at risk youth with nutrition and financial assistance

MPPDM, Inc. continuously provides support to the communities in Haiti by giving nutrition and financial assistance. We feel that their welfare should come first, and through your support in our goals, we are able to provide not only health programs, but also other assistance that would help improve their situations. Without continuous generosity, we won’t be successful in bringing them the help they need to help lessen their discomfort.

Their nutrition is improved through our feeding programs that changes their diet to eating more greens and limiting their fat content. They are also provided with fruits, whole grains and seafood. We make sure they eat a balanced diet so their health will be improved.

There are a lot of objectives we want to bring to Haiti to help create development in this beautiful country. Your aid will be a big support to our cause. We want to reach and touch lives in the most effective and useful way we can. If you want to be a part of our mission, you can help us by donating, volunteering or becoming a sponsor.