Nutrition and Financial Assistance

Helping the elderly and at risk youth with nutrition and financial assistance is equally important to our organization. Some nutritional assistance to provide for the elderly and youth is finding programs that would provide and promote healthy eating.

Healthy eating habits to include the following:

  • Eating many different colors and types of vegetables and fruits.
  • Making sure at least half of the grains are whole grains.
  • Eating only small amounts of solid fats and foods with added sugars. Limiting saturated fat (found mostly in foods that come from animals)and trans fats (found in foods like store-bought baked goods and some margarines)
  • Eating seafood twice a week.

Furthermore, we will be helping the elderly within the community with shopping needs and access to complete Medicaid/Medicare/food stamps application. Assisting the elderly with government program applications often is the start of trying to obtain nutritional and financial assistance for them.

In comparison, the youth with low-socioeconomic backgrounds are in similar high risk situations like the elderly. Our organization plans to assist such youths in obtaining grants, entering programs that would improve their nutritional and financial status.